The Weasel and the Damage Done


Throughout the winter, Lynda and I often pondered how our little enclave was weathering the various storms. While the camping platform had been through one winter already, it was our privy and cabin's first exposure.

We needn't have worried, the cabin looked as new as the day it was put up. The only damage was to the privy, as shown here. The sewage was unharmed.

More damage

Some pesky little weasel, small wolverine, or other woodland ne'er-do-well, pulled off most of the screening in one of the small vents on the side wall. Also, as seen here, access was gained through a similar ventilation area at the top-rear of the structure.

Nothing some additional screening won't fix, or perhaps, on the side vents, a solid vent grille of some kind, such as on our soffits.

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