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Lynda poses in the future privy holeDown, but not yet dirty

Countess Gertrude (the lovely Lynda) poses daintily in the future privy hole.

This was the deepest hole we could dig, about 2 feet, before hitting solid rock. And it took us two trips to find this spot.

We built up the surrounding area a little more before installing the privy, so we're cautiously optimistic that it will meet our needs, for now. We may need to relocate it in a few years.

Building the Privy (popup slideshow)

So, what's the plan?

The material below was used in helping us decide what we were looking for in a privy, so to speak, and to provide a starting point to Morey, our privy guy.

A Brief on Better Backhouse Building *

Our comments and questions

Plans: *
bench detail
side elevation
roof framing
front elevation
vent detail and floor framing
rear elevation

* from "Cottage Water Systems" by Max Burns (a Cottage Life book)


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