Enclosed with this note are some illustrations for the construction of a
typical outhouse, as well as another text file describing building techniques
and specifications.

The structure described is a little more elaborate than we actually require.
Here are our comments in that regard, and some questions.

  1. Siding - The illustration depicts plank siding, but I
    think we could make do with fibre board or chip board of
    some kind, as long as its painted or stained. Not plywood.

    We would be interested in how much the cost would be
    for both options.

  2. Porcupines - Given that fibre board (if that's the
    right name for it) is more attractive to porcupines,
    what suggestions do you have for protecting the exposed
    edges and corners from chewing?

  3. The plans call for a skylight. We can live without that.

  4. Pressure treated wood should be used around the foundation
    areas, where wood meets rock and/or soil, but nowhere else.

  5. The plans show a Dutch-door. Not necessary. A regular
    one-piece door is fine.

  6. Delivery / installation. We're wondering how that will all work.
    We're planning a trip up that way on June 22/23, so if we can
    help get it in place that weekend, we will.

  7. Paint. It will need to be protected with paint or stain of
    some kind before it can be left to the elements. Can/should this
    be done ahead of time, with just some touch-up once it's
    assembled in place?

  8. Foundation. I think we should use patio stones to spread
    the weight over a wider area. The hole itself may need further
    excavation and/or re-enforcement. Or maybe not, would appreciate
    any suggestions in that regard. Don't want any cave-ins!!