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"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka! (I found it!)' but rather, 'hmm... that's funny...'" --Isaac Asimov

My Woodworking

Why not visit Barkwhistle Wood Shop, my new website devoted strictly to woodworking.

Barkwhistle Wood Shop

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You can view photos of my woodworking projects, organized by category, on Flickr.

Photosets on Flickr

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Bubinga Keepsake Box

My Photography

Misty Mountain Hop
Calgary to Victoria via Rocky Mountaineer

Blue Mountain Lodge, Bell Lake

Boobies, iguanas and crabs (oh my)

Our Summer Vacation
Larkwhistle, Tobermory, Killarney

My Arrowhead
Flora, fauna, fire and sky, moments outside of time

Random Flickr Pickr

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More of rgdaniel's photos

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My Music

Click here for the official site for news and information about my CD called "Gravitas", a collection of original instrumental music by Robert George Daniel.

Still a few CD's left... when they're gone it's digital downloads only...

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Older Stuff

Max, Lucy, Tiger, Silver, Bell

Our nature retreat in the Bruce

The Bob & Lynda Show

Toronto Zoo
Wondering where the lions are? Try here!



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