Monday July 8 Call Cindy at Glenerin (DONE):
  • menu
  • final head count
  • single-table seating
  • where to set up CD (two places)
  • punch
  • gift table, cake table
  • signing register table

Call Church Lady, confirm fee, time etc. - DONE

Call Bard Azima, confirm fee, time, when to take pictures, etc. (NEW - stay through to cake)

  • marriage licence - DONE
  by Thurday July 18
  • pack for trip - ONGOING
  • card for Pebble basket - PRINTED
  • finalize seating plan - PRINTED
  Friday July 19
  • 08:30 - call baker - Lynda
  • 09:00 - canoe, gear, van - Bob
  • 09:00 - prepare picnic pack (wine, cheese) - Lynda
  • 10:00 - Lucy to BRB - Bob/Lynda
  • 12:00 - Lynda - manicure
  • 15:00 - flowers in hat - Lynda/Doreen
  • 15:00 - Bob go for flowers - take map - (pebble basket,
    3 tbl. arrang., 1 dry arrang., 3 bout., 2 cors., 2 head pc.)
  • 18:00 - place cards arriving - Lynda
  • 17:00 - deliver corsage to Marg - Bob
  Saturday July 20

  • 8.30 - 10.00 - Lynda , Claire to hair
  • 8.30 - Barb pick up cake, deliver to Cindy at Glenerin Inn (cake to be decorated with logo to right, plus cabin model)
  • 09:00 - Brian and Jo-Anne arrive; we collect the CD player, extension cord, CDs, guestbook/pen, Lynda's and Bob's overnight bags, folder with licence & cheque) and RINGS
  • 09:30 - Bob, Brian, Evan get boutineers (Jo-Anne helps)
  • 09:45 - Brian/Jo-Anne get Bob/Evan to Inn
  • 10:00 - Brian/Evan set up CD player in tented patio area, load Miss Luba CD
  • 10:00 - Bob checks into room with overnight bags, or leave with front desk
  • 10.30 - Janine/Tracy collect table flowers, placecards, basket of pebbles from house, deliver to Glenerin Inn
  • 10.30, Joanne (church lady) arives; get papers organized, including CHECK for $175); pay her now? Give her the RINGS (Brian/Bob)
  • by 10.30, Bard (photog) should be there, get him oriented
  • by 10.30, Steve (Piper) should be there, get him oriented
  • any gifts to gift table, Jamie and Sara to stand guard
  • remind Moms about standing to deliver their line:
    "I welcome Bob/Lynda into our family with love."
  • as guests arrive, Brian and Evan alternate seating them, ensuring that everyone gets a pebble from basket
  • Moms are to be seated last, front and centre;
    also in front row, chairs for Brian, Jo-Anne, Claire, piper, photog (end seat); others seated where they like
  • when everyone else seated, Piper pipes in Lynda and Claire
  • Claire/Brian then seated, only Bob/Lynda standing
  • Moms stand briefly, in turn, for their line in ceremony
  • During signing of register, Evan to start CD - Missa Luba
  • Piper pipes out Bride & Groom, followed by Best Man and Maid of Honour, then others follow
  • Evan/Brian to relocate CD player to lunch area
  • Tracy to ensure punch available on patio
  • while guests mingle, Bride and Groom slip off for quiet pictures
  • also a group photo to be done now - front of Inn?
  • Piper to play us into lunch when photos done.
  • eat first, then speeches
  • Tracy ensure we all have wine/water before toasts
  • Brian/Evan cut music
  • Brian introduces himself, short speech, toasts Bride & Groom, throw to Groom
  • Groom toasts piper, remarks about the many new women in his life, toasts the women, throw to Bride
  • Bride pays tribute to absent fathers, thanks others, throw to Groom
  • Groom wraps it up, thanks those who came from out of town, one last toast (Sara and Jamie), introduces the cake
  • more music
  • Sara and Jamie help distribute cake
  • Janine and Tracy collect flower baskets (one to Barb)
  • Doreen collect dried flowers, any presents, back to house
  • Barb collect leftover cake , take home and freeze
  • CD player, CDs, etc. up to our room at Inn