Misty Mountain Hop

Banff-Lake LouiseIn September of 2003, Lynda and I took a vacation out west. The package was from Rocky Mountaineer, the train people. We flew to Calgary, then via rental car to Banff, then the next day to Lake Louise.

Banff-Lake LouiseStill in the car, we travelled north to Jasper, where we had an extra day to drive around. This was a good thing, as the Jasper area is where we had most of our wildlife sightings.

Banff-Lake LouiseThen onto the train for the Jasper-to-Vancouver leg, stopping overnight in Kamloops. The Rocky Mountaineer GoldCoach service was a joy, and a welcome change from the driving.

Banff-Lake LouiseBy coach and ferry from Vancouver to Victoria for two nights, then back to Vancouver. Highlights in Victoria included whale watching and high tea. We flew back from Vancouver.

Banff - Lake Louise The Road to Jasper On the Train Vancouver - Victoria QTVR Panoramas

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  Banff -  Lake Louise The Road To Jasper On The Train Vancouver - Victoria QTVR Panoramas