Along the shoreline of Bell Lake there are several interior campsites. The notion that I am staying at a fine Lodge and that I am also in the Interior of Killarney Provincial Park continues to make me smile.

Many of the Lodge's patrons are in fact fresh from, or about to embark on, canoe trips into the Interior.

Despite being high season in Killarney, and despite my having arrived during a seemingly endless spell of fine weather (unless you're a tree), there seems to be little paddler activity, compared to the always-bustling George Lake access point.

Most days that I ventured out from Blue Mountain Lodge, most of the campsites on Bell Lake were unoccupied, providing swell shore lunch opportunities (complete with "facilities").

The Lodge provides a small cooler with sandwiches, fruit and cookies, and a thermos of lemonade, so lunch was as simple as finding a pleasant place to clamber out of the canoe. Not exactly a tall order in Killarney.

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