Doggie Awards

September 2003:
No ribbons were awarded this time out, but Bell and Lynda completed the Fun 'n' Trick class in good standing. In a class as full of such talented doggies as this bunch, it would have been difficult to pick a winner. So they didn't: eveyone was a winner, including those doggies who were part of the Advanced Fun 'n' Trick class, which shared the timeslot.

June 2003:
Proud over-achievers Bell and Lynda grab yet another blue ribbon (Bell's third!) and a quarter-share of first place in the Graduate Novice Obedience Training class, as well as a special award for being "the only dog who didn't run away". As the curriculum for this particular round of Graduate Novice included lots of fun-n-trick stuff, they're well positioned for their next class, Fun 'n' Trick. They may also pursue Search and Rescue.

March 2003:
Bell and Lynda score another blue ribbon and another share of first place (tied with Maya, a tawny boxer) in the Novice Obedience Training class, with special recognition for "drop at a distance". Lucy and Bob settled for sole possession of third place in the Fun 'n' Trick class.

January 2003:
Bell and Lynda grab a blue ribbon and a share of first place in Puppy Training class, for nailing "sit stay", "down stay out of sight", and "drop at a distance". They also grabbed a yellow ribbon and a share of third place for excellence in heeling.

March 2002:
On to Graduate Novice Obedience Training, and Lucy and Bob finished in a tie for first place, while Tiger and Lynda once again held second. We got us a dynasty!

December 2001:
Lucy and Bob placed third (yellow ribbon) in the Novice Obedience Training class at BRB K9 (where Lucy was born); Tiger and Lynda placed second.



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